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Boris Gromodka

Boris Gromodka

Hello, I’m Boris Gromodka and I can offer you support on the topics of love, intimacy, relationships and sexuality

My interest in sexuality, love, intimacy and relationships goes back many years. I believe that important aspects of personal growth take place in these areas and have studied them thoroughly.
In additional to my work as a social worker and later as an IT specialist, I have supported individuals and couples on their path to personal development in various workshops.

You will find in me an open, emphatic and
and appreciative companion for your personal development process. Opening up new perspectives, discovering and strengthening existing skills and carefully uncovering blind spots are all part of my work and steps that we can take together

From my own experience, I know how helpful and healing it is to have someone at your side who mirrors, perceives, asks questions and shows understanding when it comes to the challenges we face in sexuality and relationships.

How can I support you?

I support individuals, couples, poly relationships and individual partners with the following issues:

Sexual Challenges

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pain during sex
  • Vaginismus
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Orgasm difficulties
  • Lack of sexual desiret
  • Depressive states, feelings of guilt after sex

Relationship Counseling

  • Lack of sexual desire in long-term relationships
  • Desire to open up the relationship, non-exclusive forms of relationship
  • Improvement or restoration of relationship communication
  • Non-communicated external relationships

Development of one’s own sexuality

  • Changes in sexuality with age
  • Improving communication
  • Exploring one’s own sexual identity
  • Questions about sexual practices and preferences

Urging sexuality (sex addiction)

  • Increased consumption of pornography
  • Excessive masturbation
  • Compulsive visits from sex workers
  • Imposition of sexual thoughts
  • Difficulties controlling sexual impulses

How do I Work?

The focus of my work is on strengthening and discovering existing skills and competencies. To expand and refine the spectrum of one’s own competencies, to better master different challenges.
I try to find different points of view and open up new perspectives.
I am guided by the principle that every person has everything they need to heal themselves. 


Training and Experience

Curriculum Systemic Sex Therapy

IGST Heidelberg 2022, with Nele Sehert

Introduction to Systemic Sex Therapy

IGST Heidelberg 2022, with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement

Curriculum Systemische Paartherapie

IGST Heidelberg 2023, with Nele Sehert

Client-Cented Therapy

FH Frankfurt 1989, with Prof. Dr. Winfried Münch

In addition to my training, self-awareness and leading groups are an essential part of my therapeutic work and approach.

Working in the HAI (Human Awareness Institute) team since 2016

Workshops on love, intimacy and sexuality

Since 2012 self-awareness workshops with a focus on touch and intimacy

Ich leite unterschiedliche Workshops bei denen die Sensuelle Selbsterfahrung und Gruppenerfahrung im Vordergrund steht. Meine Formate sind Kuschelpartys, Öl-Rituale, Wochenendworkshops zu Themen wie Consent, Berührungsqualitäten und Kommunikation.

2016-2021 Cupple Awareness Days

Five couples came together in this group to face the various challenges in their relationships together. Topics such as listlessness, changes in sexuality with age, opening up relationships, communication behavior and much more were explored.


Please contact me if the prices exceed your financial means. I offer a reduced price for people on low incomes by arrangement.

Appointments can be postponed or canceled free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. If you cancel at short notice or do not show up for the session, this means a loss of earnings for me, as appointments cannot usually be filled so quickly. Therefore, in this case I will unfortunately have to charge the full fee.

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